Olktokth Flag
Flag of the Olktatth people
Some attributes
Population ~25,000
Major Regions The Olktokth
Languages Olktoft
Other attributes

The Olktatth are the natives of the Olktokth. Though their numbers are not exactly known, it is believed that they number in the 25,000s, and they almost all speak Olktoft, or some dialect thereupon.


There are three main groups of Olktatth people, each with their own homelands and identities. They groups generally speak dialects of Olktoft, which are all mutually intelligible. The three groups (in descending order of population) are:

  • The Lowland-People (Laksolkt) who live in the lowland regions of the Olktokth.
  • The City-People (Aktholkt) who live in non-agrarian communities around the Olktokth, especially in cities.
  • The Mountain-People (Vraksolkt) who live in the Vroksatth mountain range.

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