The Aurealic Dominion
Banner of Merethia, the Aureal goddess
Some attributes
Population 23,456
Major Regions ‣Aetherwynd Isle

‣Aratheron ‣Panathaeiel ‣Firstwatch Isle ‣Sunspear Point

Languages Aurealic Language
Other attributes
The High Aurealic Dominion, colloquially known as simply the Aurealic Dominion, is a powerful state established in the 25th year of Merethia by the Sage Rundalacano and First King Thraemoran Anurialis at the shores of Aetherwynd Isle

Seeking to recreate the lost empire of Panmerethi, the Aureals expanded their territories unto the regions of the Aratheron lowlands, Panathaeiel highlands, Firstwatch Isle and Sunspear point. Following the consolidation of the new colonies of Aratheron and Panathaeiel, the Dominion began a policy of expanding Aurealic Influence, Education and Civility across the two lands of the Western Continent.

The Aurealic Dominion first expanded to the lands of Aratheron and known as the lowlands of Navtet to the Hahsriit at the expense of several human tribes during the Ranethonian War which involved the Marines of the Dominion pitting against seven tribes at once. Eventually, the human tribes fell and the elves freely expanded unto the shores of Navted.

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